If you are a runner…

You’ve come to the right place. Here’s why:

You’ve been running for two hours, with at least another hour to go. There are hundreds of people around you, watching you sweat and burn your way to the finish line. You are running for yourself, or for your company, or for your cause. As you round the 20th mile, a cheer rises up from the crowd. They’re calling your name. How do they know your name?

Because you have it printed on your shirt.

Sure, a few other runners are wearing shirts bearing their names, but these shirts are scratchy, uncomfortable, and their names are written in electrical tape or permanent marker. Your shirt, on the other hand, is better. Your name is specially printed by professionals, and it will never fade, crack, or peel. The shirt itself is made from the latest, most advanced technical fabrics available, and it wicks away moisture and keeps you cool and comfortable while loudly and beautifully making your statement.

The urging of the spectators might be just what you need to make it through the next 6.2 miles.

If you’re a member of a running team…

You probably want your team to look as awesome as they perform. You probably need shirts for everyone on your team, shirts that will keep pace with your runners at every step, providing comfort as well as style, all in a neat little package that will last them the rest of their lives.

You could go to the local screen printer, but you will not be guaranteed shirts made from premium-quality micro performance (wicking) fabrics. You will not be guaranteed high level design. You will not be guaranteed a shirt that will look just as good the last time you run in it as it did the first time. Your huge order probably won’t be done and shipped within two weeks either.

Your experience at MyRaceRagz.com is bound to be an excellent one.

If you’re cheering from the sidelines…

Well, let’s face it. You need to be comfortable, too. And of course, you want to support your runner as well. You know the importance of value and you know a good idea when you see one. That’s why you, just like the smarter runners out there on the course, will want to special-order your shirt from MyRaceRagz.com, so you can turn out in your race-day best.

If you just want a cool shirt…

We’ve got you covered. You can browse our massive library of pre-designed art, or you can customize one of your very own shirts by selecting the type, size, and style you like best and submitting your design idea. Think you have the best idea ever? Submit your idea to ideas@myraceragz.com. If we like it we’ll enter it into our monthly design drawing, if you’re design is chosen you’ll get $25 and a t-shirt with your design on it. Can’t draw? Give us a detailed description – we’ll work it out from there.

A few other reasons My Race Ragz rock:

  • No Minimum Order Required. You can order one, ten, or ten thousand.
  • The family who runs it is extremely cool.
  • Ridiculously low prices.
  • Only the Highest Quality performance wicking fabrics are used.
  • The graphics we put on your shirt will never come off. Ever. (We do this through “dye sublimation,” which sounds like a psychiatric analysis but is actually a thermo-dye process that does not mess with the shirt’s ability to perform at 100% all day long. Dye sublimation is effective and creates some really beautiful color reproductions of your graphic design.)
  • And because we can’t get enough of athletic wear, we do a lot of other cool stuff too, like offering up our full-service design staff to help you create your dream sports shirts. We also do more traditional screen-printing if that’s what you’re looking for, and even embroidery services.

    Gotta know more? Visit the Contact Us page and drop us a line!