Top 5 Reasons To Sign Up For A Mud Race

REASON #5: Because your inner child really wants to jump in that puddle…and your mom isn’t there to tell you not to.

You will get muddy. You will get soaked. You will have dirt in places you never imagined. And you know what? It’s really fun. A little gross (especially when your mud covered pony tail haphazardly winds up in your mouth while rolling under barbed wire) but still, really flipping fun. You may even get to jump off of really high walls and play with sharp spears. Shhhh….don’t tell mom!

REASON #4: Mud runs are fun.

Let’s face it, there really is nothing fun about mile 25 of a marathon, except maybe the fun in knowing you are almost done. How about two giant gladiators with pugil sticks, ready to take you down at the knees, standing between you and the finish line? Add in some water (err…mud) slides, jumping through/over/under things like logs/hay bales/rusty cars/etc and you can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

REASON #3: To meet new friends, or bond with your current ones.

Many obstacle/mud runs offer team racing. There is nothing quite like working off of each others strengths and weaknesses to see what you and your friends are really made of.  And even if you aren’t competing as a team, there is a camaraderie among mud/obstacle racers unlike any other type of sport I’ve ever witnessed.  Need help getting over the wall? Chances are someone will offer before you can even ask.    Helping someone make it across the finish line, or having someone help you, is something you will never forget.

REASON #2: To test your fitness limits.

Marathon running requires endurance. Weight lifting or body building competitions require tons of hours in the weight room at the gym. Obstacle course mud runs will challenge all aspects of fitness. Endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and more. Pulling yourself up and over a 9 foot wall or flipping tractor tires isn’t for the weak. Add log agility obstacles and plenty of running, and you have a well rounded

REASON #1: To face your fears and test your mental strength.

Tiny, dark, tunnels filled with ice cold water. Deep, murky, bottomless water. Fire pits, with flames waist high. Cargo nets that span two stories.  The rope climb that plagued you in middle school gym class.   Sure you may be physically tough, but are you mentally strong enough to complete the challenge? Push your limits, step out of your comfort zone. Be the best you that you can possibly be.

Wow Heather thanks so much for your guest post! Who wants to sign up for a mud race RIGHT NOW?  Have you done a mud race?  What’s your favorite reason to run?

Heather Gannoe is an ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, mom of two little boys, and mud running addict.  She is currently training for her toughest muddy challenge yet, the Spartan Ultra Beast (26 miles) & Beast (13 miles) in two consecutive days.  You can follow her adventures on her blog on Twitter or on Facebook

  • Ashley Urie

    love this! a mud run is on my bucket list. I need to sign up for one, especially after reading this!

  • Angela Bekkala

    I need to get in a mud run now! I did one but it wasn’t really that muddy. Heather’s race looked awesome! How fun!

  • Betsy Moats

    I love this! I am a self proclaimed mud run addict myself!

  • Amber B.

    All great reasons!

  • Amber B.

    All great reasons! I love mud runs too….just so much fun and love that it focuses more on just the running. It’s so true about meeting others…I’ve met fantastic and motivational people during those runs too. Can’t wait to do another.

  • Amy@spotonwellness

    Great post! I am signed up for a Dirty Girl Mud Run in Sept and can’t wait!!

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