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We at consider all of our customers and fans to be members of our extended, athletic family, and as we’ve come to realize (at least in our family), there are NO FREE RIDES.

That’s why we’ve created an amazing, unique, and unheard-of program in which YOU (the runner, the graphic designer, the athlete, the motivator, the brainstormer, the Joe or Flo Schmo) can make actual, real live CASH and win FREE MyRaceRagz Merchandise with little to no effort.

Yes, we’re serious. No, we’re not pulling your leg – that would be cruel.

“But MyRaceRagz owners!” you may protest. “HOW do you DO it?!”

Read on, cousins. Below you’ll find a list of the many ways you can start pulling COLD HARD CASH out of MyRaceRagz’s piggy bank – not to mention the hundreds of free shirts and other merchandise we’ll be giving away as well.

  • Send Us Your Photo or Short Video – Submit a photo or short video of you wearing your custom MyRaceRagz shirt or athletic apparel. We’re looking for the most unique and creative submissions, so put your thinking caps on. Extra points will be given to people defying gravity, breaking world records, or achieving physical feats the world has never seen (but, you know, be safe – we don’t like videos or photos of injuries!). We’ll enter your submission into our monthly drawing, and the winner will be rewarded with a check for $25.00 to use for whatever you wish.
  • Let Your Creativity or Humor Earn You CASH – Are you a skilled artist that has a unique running shirt design? Is there a hidden graphic design genius trapped inside your brain begging to get its ideas out onto fabric? Are you an average dude or chick that has a hilarious, motivating, or inspiring phrase that would look amazing on one of our shirts? If so, then send it on in and if we add your design to our library we’ll send you a check for $25.00 as a reward for your creativity.
  • Do You Have Some Outrageous Stories To Share? – If it still makes your friends giggle, listen in wide-eyed wonder, or beg you to tell it again at every party, we want to hear it! Submit your own personal crazy, inspiring, or unbelievable running story. (We know you’ve got them, so pony up!) If we decide to use it in our monthly newsletter, “Running Rants Monthly”, we’ll provide you with a complimentary Logo Performance Shirt. That’s free gear! Send your story now!
  • Help Us & We’ll Gladly Return The Favor – Clearly we have an awesome website, a great idea, and a lot of heart, but contrary to popular belief, we at are not infallible. It’s very possible that we’ve forgotten, missed the mark, or totally bombed something about our business, and you’ve noticed it. You might be inclined to keep it to yourself out of respect, but we need you to help us look even better! We are always looking for more ways to improve your overall experience.  If we end up integrating your idea or suggestion into our daily business practice we’ll reward you handsomely with prizes that range from a FREE MyRaceRagz shirt all the way up to a 4 Day Cruise (!!!) just for voicing your suggestions and ideas to us.

Submit All Pics, Videos, Stories, Unique Designs, or Ideas to

And Here Is the Grand Daddy of Them ALL.
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