How to Lose a Toenail Nicely

Runnning shoes on runner

OK, seriously, is there a nice way to lose your toenail?

If you’re a runner, or even just starting out, there is a good chance that one of your prized toes might revolt against the party going on in your shoes.

In fact, perhaps if you’re like me and leave them hidden underneath tacky layers and layers of red nail polish, you may not even notice that that you’re losing a toenail until one day, you think, “OW! WHAT’S PINCHING ME?!”

That would be a toenail coming up.

You’re welcome.

There is a good chance that it is either a yellowish green or purple.

If it’s yellowish/green, it could be from a fungus. If it’s purple, it could be the blood vessels underneath your toenail from the pounding of your toe against the shoe. Jeff Galloway has had hundreds. So if you’re going through it, don’t worry.

The thing is, running just isn’t pretty all the time. There are bathroom problems, blisters, chafing, the occasional rogue toenail, it’s just something that happens. But the euphoria of a good run trumps all of that doesn’t it?

So what happens when you do have a toenail that’s headed toward the giant nail file in the sky?

Here are some ways to keep on keepin’ on without making things worse. And don’t worry. We’re not posting pictures.

- First of all, if the problem is a blood blister under the nail and your nail is purple, try and let it go down by itself. Then, if it doesn’t, I’ll let the About website tell you what to do because quite frankly it grosses me out to read about. All I have to say is, I’ve had to do it once. It involves a needle and hurts a little. Good luck.
-If you are already starting to lose your toenail and it is partially off already, don’t rip it off. You could damage the nail bed and you want your toenail to eventually grow back nicely. Which it will. So, wash it, make sure it’s clean and that no fungus is getting under there, put some antiseptic or antiobiotic ointment on it, bandage that puppy up and leave it alone. I use giant waterproof Band-aids but change them every day. The nail will eventually fall off on its own, but it could take a while, so try to be patient.
-You can apply tea tree oil to the portion of the nail that’s still attached if you want to move the process along a little. Apply it three times a day and wait a couple of days to see if it’s ready to come out.

I’ve compiled this advice from several websites and from first-hand experience, but no advice is better than advice from your doctor. If you have questions or this whole thing makes you squeamish and disgusted as you go through it, consult your doctor.

If you haven’t gone through it yet, that’s awesome.

But your time will come. No worries though, you’ll live to run another day.

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