11 Things to do on 11.11.11

Forget New Year’s Day, that comes every year! This is 11.11.11! And it only comes once every 100 YEARS! You probably won’t see another one of these. Unless maybe you’re a toddler but you’re not reading this anyway.

So what are you doing for it?

If you’re into that sort of thing and the perfect alignment of numbers makes you giddy inside, here are a few things you can do with the day:

1. First and foremost, to all you RUNNERS (because we’re all about the fitness up in here), the Rock N Roll series is celebrating by offering $20 off of their marathons and half-marathons! Go sign up!

2. Of course that means you won’t be racing on 11-11-11 which seems sort of cool, but you could start your training today! If 11 miles is too steep to begin your training program (it is, don’t do it), you can run for 11 minutes, 3 times. How does that sound?

3. Orrrr. Go ahead! Run 11 miles! Three times!

4. If you’re more the spiritual type or you’re just plain old sick of your life, then according to The Spirit Voyage, it is the “Cosmic Portal Transit Date.” I don’t know what that is but it.sounds.AWESOME!

Basically, you know that feeling that you get where you say to yourself, “I can’t go on anymore like this!!” ?? It’s time to get rid of allll that.

It is a rare opportunity to release lifetimes of karmic scripting and ancestral entrapment. Entrapment in the sense of the conscious and unconscious habit patterns which have us wondering why we can’t seem to actualize the life we really want to have, and know is possible.

5. For some reason, there is a concern about zombies invading on 11.11.11. But we already covered that here in the “How to Stay Safe” post, so you don’t have to worry. But if you are worried, stay away from the mall today. Zombies like malls. Or so we’ve heard. So number 5 is, avoid the mall if you’re afraid of a zombie invasion.

6. Go see the movie 11.11.11. (Bo-ring!) Let’s think up some funner ones. Then again, seeing the movie 11.11.11 ON 11.11.11 might be the only way to see it. So never mind, go do that. That sounds pretty cool.

7. Write a list of 11 things you want to do and do them. Then if you have time, write down 11 more. And then 11 more. Boy would you get a lot done. Or you could always do the original 11 three times. If things like “riding a roller coaster” are on there, that might be fun. If it’s running 11 miles or doing laundry, perhaps not as much fun to do 3 times.

8. Plan a party! It’s Friday night after all! But whatever you do, don’t postpone the party. Having the party on 11-12-11 just isn’t the same.

9. The last time it was 11-11-11, temperatures dropped drastically in the U.S. I don’t know about you, but have you stepped outside today? It’s 50 degrees! OK so I know that’s not cold for a lot of people, but we’re in FLORIDA! So 11.11.11 means it’s time for me to figure out what on earth a chimney sweep is and how much it costs so I can finally use the vacant Florida fireplace we have. So you can schedule your chimney sweep.

10. Play the lottery! You KNOW it has to be a lucky day. Numbers are aligned! Shouldn’t that mean something?

11. For the rest of the day, make everything you do have an 11 in it. Are you eating? The letter K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. So get some Keebler crackers and wash it down with Kool-Aid (or a Keg), perhaps have a Krispy Kreme and even a Kellogg’s Rice Krispy Treat. However, after that, you might HAVE to run 11 miles to burn it all off. So maybe instead just drive 11 miles and see where it takes you and go there. But make sure you only spend 11 dollars. Even better, bring two people with you and you will all have gone 11 miles and spent 11 dollars and that would be 11.11.11. And when you’re all done with that, get a My Race Ragz shirt to go with your Rock N Roll Marathon/Half Marathon discount because today only we’re offering an 11% discount!

Just enter the promo code “ELEVEN” at checkout!!

Whatever you do, whether it’s cosmic cleansing, movie watching or just going about your business like it’s any other day, have a great Friday.

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